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Oxygen Ozone Therapy: Medica Srl Medical Equipment

Registration Certificate for medical device of People's Republic of China Reg. N° SFDA(I) 2005 2540222.

Our new range of appliances for the production of medical class Ozone, proposed by Ozonline International, matches easy of use and high tecnology, in order toensure precision and reliability in the medical sector.

Our ozone generators are:

  • - Built with high quality, non toxic, inert, ozone-resistant materials.

  • - Certified with KIWA CERMET quality label and compliant the Italian Health specifications.
  • - Equipped with digital differential fotometer. controlled by iodometric titration with certification issued by University of Siena - Chemistry Department and proof report issued by the "Dipartimento di Scienza dei Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica" of Politecnico University of Torino.
  • - Equipped with a new patented ozone sample system with sterile disposable device in blister pack in order to ensure maximum sterility and security in the sampling process of the gassy mixture